In the year 2005, I fulfilled a personal dream and took one year off work, for travelling around the world.
Some of the best pictures are presented here.

West Africa

The first trip went to Casamance in the South of Senegal. With a bicycle purchased on site, I rolled through traditional villages and landscapes from Ziguinchor to the coast

I also went to the Gambia and took a side trip to Guinea-Bissau, which is just recovering from a civil war. On the flight back, I had a brief stopover in Morocco.

All pictures: Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Morocco


After leaving my bicycle behind in Senegal, I bought a new mountain bike in Manila and started a trip around the islands of Mindoro, Panay, Negros, Bohol, Cebu, Leyte and Samar.

Distances done by bicycle were alternated with ferries, some bus trips and long stopovers at beaches.

I spent some time diving in Puerto Galera, Boracay, Panglao and Southern Leyte, and did the course for the Nitrox certification. At last, I visited the whaleshark reserve in Donsol on Luzon.

All pictures: Philippines

South America

In the summer of 2005, I went to Ecuador and Peru.

The highlights of the short stay in Ecuador were a daytrip to Chimborazo, cycling downhill with mountain bikes from 4800m altitude, and the visit to Podocarpus national park.

In Peru, I travelled for three months from the northern jungle to Cuzco and the Manu national park.

I already knew Peru from my childhood. I lived there with my parents from 1973 to 1983. Since then, this was the second trip back.

For the sabbatical year, I had planned not to follow the coast of Peru, but to travel along the Andes from North to South. The most exciting experiences were the long hikes in the mountains, among them the Vilaya trek in Chachapoyas and the Santa Cruz Trek in Huaraz.

All pictures: Ecuador, Peru

South East Asia

Finally, I went to Laos and Cambodia in early 2006.

Then I travelled to Bali, Bunaken and Lembeh in Indonesia, and Koh Phi Phi in Thailand for scuba diving.

All pictures: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand